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What are the Characteristics of a Computer?

A computer is a powerful machine. it has the capability to do any jobs with very quickly as well as 100% accuracy. So it has own lots of characteristics. some of them described below.

1. High Speed: A computer can work at very high speed and is much faster than human. The operations on the data inside the computer are performed through the electronic circuits. The electronic circuit is designed in such a way that electrical signal travels at speed of light. A computer has the capability to do several complex calculations within a second. The time taken by the computer to perform an operation is called the processing speed. This processing speed of the computer is measured in MegaHertz (MHz) or GigaHertz (GHz) that is the speed of CPU.

1 Millisecond

1/1000th second

1 Microsecond

1/1000000th second

1 Nanosecond

1/1000000000th second

1 Picosecond


2. Accuracy: Accuracy means to provide results without any error. A Computer is an accurate machine. It does not make any mistakes. If the data and instructions given to the computer are correct, it always gives the correct result or output. A computer can process a large amount of data and generate error-free or almost 100% error free result. A Modern computer performs millions of operations in one second without any error. Sometimes a computer may produce the undesirable result which due to the wrong input. In computer terminology, it is known as garbage-in-garbage-out(GIGO)

3. Versatility: It is the most important feature of the computer. A computer is a versatile and flexible machine because it can perform different kinds of tasks one by one simultaneously. It can perform different kinds of tasks such as calculation, drawing pictures, playing the game, playing music, watching the video, writing letters, sending e-mail, etc. The working capacity of the computer depends on the software. We can use the same computer in different fields of work such as education, health, business, communication, aviation, scientific research, desktop publishing.

4. Storage Capacity: A computer can store a large amount of data permanently. User can use this data at any time. We can store any type of data on a computer. Image, audio and video files, different types of document can be stored easily. The stored data and programs are available at any time for processing. The internal storage devices of a computer are RAM and ROM and the external storage devices of a computer are a hard disk, pen-drive, CD and DVD memory card, etc. The storage capacity of the computer is increasing rapidly. The following are the measurement units used to count the stored data in the computer.

0 or 1

1 bit

4 bit

1 nibble

8 bit

1 byte/2 nibble

1024 bytes

1 kilobyte

1024 kilobytes

1 megabyte

1024 megabytes

1 gigabyte

1024 gigabytes

1 terabyte

5. Diligence: A computer is a diligent machine. Unlike human beings, a computer never feels tired and bored to do a task repeatedly for a long time. It can work for a long time without taking rest. It can continuously work for a long time without creating any error.  So the computer can perform the same task with the same speed and accuracy even for hours and days if it is provided the suitable environment and correct program.

6. Automatic: A Computer does not interfere with the user during the processing of data. Computers can be programmed to perform a series of complex tasks automatically. It automatically executes the program instructions one by one and automatically controls different devices attached to it. To make the computer work automatic, a set of pre-defined instruction is fed into the computer. So, the computers have been used to for quality control in the industries which perform the task without getting any instructions from the operation.

7. Communication: Computer mostly used in the field of communication to exchange messages or data through the internet all over the world. With the help of the computer, we can quickly receive or send any information throughout the world. There are many services available on computer through which communications are possible such as e-mail, chatting, video conferencing, etc.

8. No intelligent: Although the computers are faster, more powerful and accurate than the human, it does not have common sense and can’t think and decide to do any task. It cannot learn from the past experience and cannot change execution steps itself.

9. Electronic: A computer is an electronic machine developed to perform calculations and control operations that can be expressed either in logical or numerical terms. Most of the computer’s parts are electronic devices which are made of semiconductor chips.

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