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Importance and Definition of a Computer

This era is the technology era. We cannot imagine our life will be easier without technology. The most important technology in this era is the computer. A Computer is one of the most powerful and useful innovations in human history. Computer technology has brought tremendous effects in our daily life and enormous changes in the world. It has affected and reflected not only on the individual itself but also organization and society. With the use of the computer, people are suddenly able to perform an incredible amount of calculations at very high speed with almost 100% accuracy.  A computer plays a very important role to make human lives easier. It is becoming a fundamental need in our day to day regular activities. In this century, our life will be incomplete without the use of this wonderful device.


We, all are familiar with what a computer is in a specific contemporary sense. Computers have become essential in today’s world. Millions of people use computers all over the world. Computers don’t have limited areas. They are used in almost every areas such as education, health, and medicine, banks, defense, business, multimedia, desktop publishing, science and research, communication, government, weather forecasting, data processing, planning, and scheduling entertainment, etc.


        The word “Computer” is derived from the Latin word “computare” which mean to calculate or compute. In the past, the computer was normally considered as a calculation device used to perform a different calculation. But today modern computer is able to perform several tasks. So Computer can be defined as:

“A computer is an electronic machine, which accepts the data and instruction from the user, processes the data according to the given set of instruction, stores and gives the information as a result”.


“Computer is an electronic device which can perform verities of the task according to the set of instruction given to it”.


“A computer is an electronic machine that accepts the data and instructions from the user, processes the data according to the given set of instruction, stores and gives meaningful information as a result”.


“Computer is an electronic machine which generates information by processing raw data according to the prescribed sequence of instructions. It can also store the data and information for future use. Thus, the computer also considered as an information processing machine (IPM)”.

A computer consists of a main processing unit called central processing unit (CPU), input devices (Mouse, Keyboard, and Joystick), output devices (Monitor, Printer and Speaker), main memory (ROM, RAM and Catch Memory) and secondary memory (Hard Disk, Pen drive and Flash Memory).

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