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Classification the computer on the basis of size.

Super Computer

Super Computers are the most powerful and expensive computers in the world. They are multi-user, multiprocessor and multi-programming computers which are huge in size, have highest processing speed. Super computers are used to process large amount of data to solve the complex and complicated problems. A super computer can perform more than one trillion calculations per second. It has a large number of processors connected parallel, so thousands of users can work at the same time in a single super computer. These computers specially used in weather forecasting, aircraft and space engineering, scientific research etc. Some super computers are: CRAY -1, CRAY-2, CYBER 205, ETA-10 etc.

Application areas of super computer:

  1. Super computer used in weather forecasting and climate research.
  2. It can be used in military system and defense.
  3. Super computer is used to in analyzing geographical data.
  4. It is used to in industrial design and robots.
  5. Super computer is used to in aircraft and space engineering.
  6. It is used for testing nuclear weapons.

Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers are more powerful than mini and micro computer and less power than super computer. They are larger in size, have higher processing speed, larger storage capacity and are more expensive than mini and micro computers. Mainframe computer have multiple processors so, that thousands of users can use at a time. IBM S/3909 mainframe computer can support 50000 users simultaneously. The mainframe computers are specially used server on the World Wide Web. These computers are used in large organization such as industries, banks, airlines etc. Some example of mainframe computers are: IBM S/3909, VAX 8000, CDC 6600 etc.

Mini Computer

Mini Computer is a general purpose computer which is smaller than mainframe computer. It has a slower operating speed, smaller backing storage, limited hardware and lesser memory capacity compared to super and mainframe computers, but more powerful and more expensive than a personal computer They usually designed to support 50 terminals so 50 persons can operate this computer at a time. Mini computers are used in medium sized organization, Banks, sales and analysis, production planning, university, scientific research etc. Examples of mini Computer are: PDP 11, IBM 8000 series, AS/400, AP.-3, Prime series etc.

Micro Computer


Micro computer is a small sized personal computer (PC) that designed for an individual. Micro computer is the smallest general purpose computer on the basis of size and it is named micro computer as it uses microprocessor as a central processing unit. Microprocessor is a a silicon chip made by integrating millions of components. It requires small space. Hard disk, CDs and DVDs are the basic storage devices. It uses keyboard and mouse as general input device and monitor and printer as output device. Micro computers are used in Education, bank, desktop publishing, entertainment, business etc. Example of Micro computer is: IBM PCS, Apple, Dell, HP etc. Micro computer also classfied following types.

Desktop Computer: Desktop computers are personal computer or single user micro computers. They are designed to be fitted on a desk so they are called desktop computers. These computers are specially designed for desktop works such as desktop publishing, graphics designing, document preparation etc. Hard disk CDs and DVDs are used to store data and information. Usually keyboard and mouse used to as input device, monitor   as output device.


Laptop Computer: Nowadays laptop computer are very popular. Laptop computers are small sized personal computers. They can be kept on the lap of the users so, they are called laptop computers. The laptop computer operates on a special rechargeable battery and need not to be plugged in like desktop computer. They are portable and fully functional microcomputer. They are mostly used during the journey. The memory, storage capacity and processing speed of a laptop computer are almost equivalent to the power personal computer. They have an inbuilt keyboard and a touchpad as pointing device. Laptop computers are more expensive than desktop computers.

Palmtop Computer: The palmtop computer are small sized latest microcomputers which can be easily operated on palm or hand of users so, they are called palmtop computers. Palmtop computer are severely limited, but they are practical for certain functions such as phone books and calendars. Example of palmtop computers are: PDA (Personal Digital Assistance), Cellular Phones, H/PC Pro Devices etc.

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