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Best Cloud Storage Services and Apps for Android in 2019

We often accept such mobile phones, which are able to take pictures and videos, create documents and download the media. This small device is so powerful that we can store all of our memory in it that can be lost. Storing too large data is no longer a big deal. Regardless of whether you want to personalize your personal data, official documents, family photos or videos, Cloud Storage offers the ability to store data without investment.

In addition to store data, you can access your data without any geographical or device constraints. Can you imagine that you have 1TB data and want to access it on your mobile device, what will you do? As you know, mobile devices do not support such data in such a large amount, how you will access it. You have guessed the right for it – you will tap in the Cloud Storage app and access the files.

With the popularity of the cloud application, it is very difficult to choose the right for their use. This article will suggest some of the best cloud storage apps according to your needs so that you can choose without a doubt. Let’s start-

 Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most respected and popular cloud storage apps. Google Drive is available on both Android and iOS, in which you can store 15 GB data without any charge. The wide variety of Integrated Presentation Platforms, Documents and Spreadsheets makes it easier for you to view and edit.

Goole drive

Alongside Android, with deep integration of Google and many third-party apps, Google Drive coverage is a logical option for users who do not have to store their entire life in the cloud. In addition, Google Drive can be used to store photos, which can be seen later or downloaded. Simply by signing in to your Google Account, you can access the app and view all of your store data. The search feature allows you to search for files by name or content while setting up settings so that you can submit permissions to specific files, documents or photos to control the audit and comment. In addition to the free version, you can also get extra storage for $ 29.99 per 30TB.


It is probably one of the first names when the cloud storage comes up. It is still rocking and rolling in 2018. Not only can you use this service to back up your private files, but you can also work on files with other users in shared folders.


You start with only 2 GB space in the personal account but you can get more space by referring to other users. Apart from this, different products sometimes come with extra space, even for a limited time.


This is probably not a surprise, because Microsoft has been working hard to integrate OneDrive into many of its products in the last few years. OneDrive is the same online storage as Google Drive on its most basic level.


However, OneDrive is given priority for the use of Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is also easy to access the third party and in Microsoft applications (such as Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher app for Android) and providing storage for all of your files. It includes an (optical) automotive photo and video backups, as well as simple share features.

It is also integrated with your Android Wear. In this, you are free to charge up to 5 GB of limited storage space. You need to pay for storage more than this. The Package includes $ 5 TB File Storage and Office 365 Home Edition Access 100 $ per year. If you do not need five users, then there is a 1TB storage option of $ 70 per year and Office 365 personalities are also best.


The box is free on the Google Play Store and it is similar to the approach of the prop book. It offers 10 GB free space with a 250 MB upload limit. In addition, you can pay 10 $ per month up to 100 GB cloud storage and 5 GB file upload limit.  Box, not only allows you to back up your files, but also shares.


Once you upload your files, you can easily find them with the search tool. You do not have to worry about the safety of this app, provides 256-bit AES encryption for box security. With this, digitally you can watermark your files so you can know that no one is sharing them with the wrong people.

If you need more space, you can get a variety of plans and services. Is your company planning to scale or grow over time? So there are many options for you here.


The MediaFire file started as a service sharing, but it has itself become a very good cloud storage service. You can upload whatever you like and share and share those files in this cloud service.


MediaFire offers up to 50 GB free space, which is good free storage, but you get only 12 GB in the beginning and if you do not want to spend money then the rest space will have to be earned through things like a referral. You can get 100TB for 1TB for $ 7.50 per month (yearly bill) or 80 $ per month (quarterly bill).

The Android app offers automatic camera backup for photos and videos, and you can see the preview of the document and listen to audio files from inside.


While many cloud-based storage solutions provide 10GB to 15GB space, Mega offers 50 GB space. With end-to-end encryption, you can sleep well because your media is securely shared. This app also provides a focus on privacy, which other cloud storage does not talk about.

megabackup-imageIf you need more than 50 GB storage, which is available for free, then you can pay extra for 4 TB space and 8 TB bandwidth per month. If you know the value of your privacy and do not need more than 50 GB, then it is worth checking as a free user.



Tresorit is not cheap, but it’s super safe. If you are looking for some bulletproof and spending some money does not matter, Tresorit can be for you. This service allows you to create a safe location by end-to-end encryption. You can then store your photos, documents and sensitive files without worrying about leaks or hacks.

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