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20 best free WordPress Plugins

20 best free WordPress Plugins

If we are using WordPress themes for the website then just installing the theme is not enough for us. The plugin coming in the WordPress theme can not only make the website better, attractive and user-friendly, for this we need different plugins. I have presented here the 20 best free WordPress plugins which may be useful for you.

The following is a list of the 20 best free WordPress plugins.

20 best free WordPress Plugins

1. Contact form

It is one of the best free WordPress plugins as it is used in almost every blog. By using the Contact Form 7 plugin, it helps us to contact the page on the WordPress website as well as the users easily. It has both paid and free versions, but there are more users who use the free version than the paid version.

2. Elementor

Elementor is a very popular Website Builder. You can use it to create a website in any layout you want. With Elementor’s unique features, you can create any kind of website that has a definite ‘designer touch’. You can choose from its design features: box shadows, background overlays, hover effects, headline effects, animations, size dividers, gradient backgrounds, and more.

3. Woo Commerce

If you want to create an e-commerce website in WordPress, the Woo Commerce plugin is very important. This makes it much easier for users to create e-commerce websites. It is good for gateway payments and everything in displaying products.

4. Site Kit by Google

This is a popular site kit Google’s official WordPress plugin. From this, you will get the traffic of your website, how much is being earned from your website, page ranking, etc. in one plugin. In this plugin, you will find Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, Tag Manager, and Optimize.

5. Big File Uploads

When we create a WordPress website, it has very little upload space. We upload up to 2Mb of images, themes, or plugins, they can’t upload due to lack of space. In this case, you can increase the space of your website using this plugin.

6. Yoast SEO

Nowadays Yoast SEO is the most reliable plug-in for webpage SEO. To check the SEO of your website content, Yost SEO is very useful. It teaches you how to become an SEO of your website content. It is available in both free and paid versions. If you wish, you can run your work using the free version only initially.

With the Yost SEO plug-in, you can check all the parameters of your content, such as what the article keyword is, how many focus keywords there are, how well the article title is optimized, and so on.

If you are a small blogger and are learning blogging and SEO, the free version is more than enough for you. The paid version also comes, but to date, I haven’t seen such a great SEO expert free plugin, so this is my choice of WordPress plugins.

7. Ad Inserter

The purpose of most people blogging is to make money by creating their own blog, for which we have to put various ads on our blog, then the ads start appearing on our blog. For that, you can easily show ads wherever you want using this WordPress plugin, which gives you various options for it.

8. Logo Generator

This logo generator plugin is used to create the logo of any website, or to show any website commercially. Using a logo also increases the visibility of your website to a well-organized website. People like to come too. Logo generator is important for a website.

9. Broken Link Tester

This is an important plug-in that allows you to repair broken links and identify links on your website. Broken links greatly affect your website ranking (SEO), so this plug-in is very important.

10. Google XML Sitemap

This is also one of Google’s most important plug-in tools. In WordPress, this google Xml plug-in automatically creates an automated XML sitemap, which helps keep your page ranking in Google and Bing.

11. Updraft Plus wp Backup Plugin

If you want to keep all the content created on your website safe and do not want to waste your hard work, install this plugin. This plug-in helps to secure all the content created on your WordPress website so that you can keep your backup in case of data loss (DETA LOSS).

12. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

If the website has any large size of images it slows down your website. This plug-in compresses and optimizes the image size. If you use this plugin to make your image size smaller in better quality. After that, the speed of your website will increase.

13. WP Super Cache

This is a plug-in tool component for website upload speeds, this plug-in generates static Html files so that the server uses them instead of heavy PHP files.

14. WP Rocket

You can use this WP Rocket plug-in to speed up your WordPress website, in addition, this plugin also optimizes the image of your website.

15. Beaver Builder

This is a drop and drag page builder plug-in. Using this plug-in, you can create your own customization on your WordPress website in minutes. You can design nice attractive pages using this Beaver Builder page.

16. LearnDash

This Learn Dash plug-in is used to sell courses online. With this plug-in, you can put quizzes, assignments, spellings, etc. on your website.

17. Monster Insights

Like Google Analytics, through the Monster Insights plug-in, you can track your website’s data.

18. Social Sharing Plug-in

For any blog or website, it is very important that you can share any of your content or product on social media.

19. AMP

The AMP Plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool that helps you build user-first WordPress sites. Using AMP can make sites faster, more beautiful, safer, more attractive, and more accessible. A user-first site will provide experiences that delight your users and therefore increase user engagement and the success of your site. AMP is a fully responsive web component framework, which means you can provide AMP experiences to your users on both mobile and desktop devices.

20. Smush

This Smush plug-in is used to compress images on any of your websites or blogs, image optimization speeds up the website, which is an important on-page SEO on your website.

21. W3 Total Cache

This is an excellent plug-in that plays an important role in managing cache on your WordPress website.

22. TablePress

Many bloggers or people need tables on their blogs and website. Therefore, you need a table press plugin to easily create tables and use Google fonts easily. If you want to change the default text that appears on your website and use a different type of font, you can use this WordPress plugin. In it you will get unlimited Google fonts from where you can choose your favorite font on your website which will change the font of your website.

23. WPS Hide Login

We all know the default address of our WordPress / wp-admin so that anyone can easily access your WordPress login page, which increases the chances of your website being hacked. So you should use it. WordPress plugin, where you can change your default address and keep it in your mind, then it will not be easy for others to access the WordPress login page.

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